a novel by stanley lieber

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ISBN-10: 1791567878
ISBN-13: 978-1791567873

  1. Where do you want to go today?
  2. Over the years
  3. Who could say why she wanted to go
  4. Cameron fried an egg
  5. Joining the priesthood had been a mistake
  6. Drawn by morning
  7. The branches and leaves turn back on themselves
  8. Returning to Japan had been a mistake
  9. Shinji was gone and Cameron didn't care

  1. Sleep was no longer an option
  2. He completed the job and moved on to his next assignment
  3. Back in Japan, things were quiet
  4. Perhaps a month later he was still thinking about her
  5. The Bay Area was too expensive
  6. The business was failing
  7. Nah
  8. He smelled solder
  9. His brother's death affected him more than he expected

  1. Stan had always self-identified as a stork
  2. Stan never tampered with the mail
  3. No, he was serious
  4. The team was coming together
  5. The job did not go as planned
  6. None of it was real
  7. Muted colors shifted slowly
  8. He kept the big box of tapes under his bed
  9. Part of the deal had been to surrender his position on the team

  2. Daisuke gave up on giving up
  3. It was no closer to happening
  4. Daisuke's marketing plan
  5. It was a dumb way to think about it
  6. Daisuke did not particularly miss the business
  7. No, there would be no New Era
  8. The boy on the skateboard
  9. RIN

  1. Geo's plastic skateboard had been a gift from his father
  2. Geo was patriotic, sure
  3. Of course, no number of boards would ever be enough
  4. Geo's handwriting was terrible
  5. When he tried again he took along the boombox
  7. Geo wasn't certain when the interrogation had begun
  8. He was given full run of the half-pipe for one hour a week
  9. He wasn't Cameron, or Andrew, or Shinji, or Carmine, or Stan, or Daisuke, or Daisuke’s boss