MAUDE MOLD #9 =============


tags: 1961, Æsir, mars2, tab1

1 October. Early.

The Æsir had founded the test site. Discovered it, he guessed. It was here before he was, put it that way. Cold at night. TAB1 scanned the desert and imagined the flat plane of frost resolving into a three thousand word SPIN cover story about Juliana Hatfield. Oh yeah, he remembered reading this. She’d gained favor with some áss up the chain, and now every time words were committed to paper her name must needs be mentioned. All right.

Completely unlike his own assignment here. He’d backtrack across the blank desert, unknowingly carrying out the same tests and capturing the same data that had not been properly preserved so many times before. Nobody would be reading his reports, either. Whatever product this was supporting had better be good.

It was snowing.